#BREAKING: Baboon Trio Escape Again, This Time In Search Of Toilet Paper & Tinned Food

The three baboons that captured our hearts last week are on the run once again.

The trio have been spotted inside several Sydney supermarkets today.

“I saw them looking disappointed there was no toilet paper left at Coles in Epping,” says one witness. “They also seemed to be looking for long-life packaged goods.”

The trio have joined hoards of Sydney shoppers frantically stockpiling goods as coronavirus fears escalate.

“A lot of people didn’t even notice the baboons,” says another shopper at Woolworths Double Bay. “Everyone was so focused on panic buying.”

It’s understood the baboons escaped from the national baboon colony at Wallacia last night after discovering the facility could soon run out of toilet paper.

But toilet paper manufacturers say the panic buying is completely unnecessary as there is virtually an endless supply of toilet paper currently being delivered to retailers.

More to come.