Bored Woman Posts Photo Of Drink To Leave Impression She’s Having Fun

A Sydney woman has taken to Instagram while waiting alone for her friends to arrive at the Watsons Bay Hotel.

Jen Bradford snapped a photo of her champagne, then posted it with the caption; “Out having fun with my ladieees.”

It’s believed she posted the photo to give the impression that she has a busy and vibrant social life.

But witnesses at the bar have confirmed that Ms Bradford was not having fun.

“I was sitting a few tables away,” Harrison Booker told Double Bay Today. “She was there alone, looking very bored, pretty much on her phone the whole time.”

Mr Booker says Ms Bradford’s friends never even turned up to meet her.

“We saw her waiting there for 20 minutes looking upset before leaving the venue alone,” he says.

Ms Bradford hasn’t responded to DBT’s interview requests.

The offending Instagram photo has since been removed.