Bondi woman still basing her entire personality on going to Coachella six years ago

FORMER GLORY: While Jasmine Turner couldn’t get to Coachella this year, she’s been posting a steady stream of throwback photos from her time there six years ago.

“It was such a life changing experience for me,” the PR account executive told DBT. “I think I’m still feeling the effects, haha.”

The 32 year old Bondi woman says the music and arts festival in Southern California re-shaped her views on life and reality when she went there as a 26 year old.

“I became a part of Coachella, and Coachella became a part of me,” she says.

But Jasmine’s friends say they’ve grown weary of her constant Coachella references, which she uses to define her identity and make herself appear more interesting.

“We’re worried that her fixation on the past could be preventing her from enjoying new experiences and growing as a person,” one of her friends told DBT.

And it seems Ms Turner’s 281 Instagram followers are less than impressed with her latest Coachella throwback photo only having 6 likes after more than 5 hours.