Bondi Woman Marks Start Of Summer By Changing Her FB Background Pic To Photo Of Icebergs

HOT GIRL SUMMER: It’s that time of the year again for Bondi resident Rachel Smith.

For the last six years, in the first week of November, she updates her Facebook background image to a photo of the trendy pool and restaurant known as Icebergs.

“Having Icebergs prominently on my social media is an easy way to reinforce the idea that I live in Bondi,” she says. “One day soon I might even go for a swim there.”

And she’s not alone. A new report has shown that almost three-quarters of Bondi residents now have Icebergs as their Facebook background image.

“We expect that number to keep rising as we progress into the summer months,” says Hannah Rolly from Social Monitors Australia.

Researchers noticed an influx of Icebergs social media posts immediately after Paris Hilton visited there in 2006, even among non-Bondi residents.

“I also have Icebergs as my Facebook background picture,” says Kogarah woman Lenny Lou. “I’ve played the pokies there a few times and really enjoyed it.”