#BREAKING: Bondi woman dumps boyfriend after he moved to Bondi Junction

HEARTBREAK: A local man has been left shocked and confused when he was dumped by his girlfriend today.

Sandra Raleigh ended the 18 month relationship after he recently moved to Bondi Junction.

“He used to live around the corner from me on Bondi road,” says Sandra Raleigh. “We had a great relationship and I’m definitely going to miss him.”

She says the two kilometre distance between Bondi and Bondi Junction is already proving too much.

“I won’t date anyone who lives outside of the bubble,” she says. “To be perfectly honest, I also don’t consider Bondi Junction to be part of the eastern suburbs.”

“I’ll go there occasionally to Westfield, but that’s about it.”

It’s understood her now ex-boyfriend’s Bondi Junction home is more than $100 a week cheaper than where he used to live in Bondi.

“He attempted to convince me that the Junction isn’t that far,” says Ms Raleigh. “But I tried driving there and it took more than 7 minutes. I don’t do long distance relationships.”

The 26 year old told DBT she’s now keen to find someone who lives “in the area.”

She’s asking any interested Bondi men to get in touch with her directly.