Bondi Tinder Creep Calling For Continuation Of Mandatory Face Masks

INCOGNITO: A Bondi man who goes on up to four Tinder dates per day, says face masks should remain mandatory in all retail and indoor settings.

“I love the anonymity I get when I’m wearing a mask,” says Julian Kerr.

“I can just cruise around Bondi without having to duck for cover every five minutes when I see a girl I never called back.”

The 31 year old says wearing a mask gives him confidence that he’s not going to get caught out in delicate social situations.

“Even If I make eye contact with someone I know, I can easily just pretend I didn’t recognise them and keep walking. It saves me a lot of time and awkward stand offs.”

“Please Gladys, don’t cave to pressure. Keep face masks mandatory! I’m at the stage where if people stop wearing face masks, I’ll need to move suburbs.”