Bondi man recovers from long weekend drug & alcohol debauchery after having a multivitamin

COMEBACK KID: A local man has staged a dramatic recovery from 3 full days of alcohol and drug abuse.

Two football grand finals, a music festival, two house parties and even a few Hinge dates; Marc Fisher-Grant has seen a lot this long weekend.

“To be honest I didn’t get any sleep this weekend at all, and I’ve been feeling super dusty all day,” he told DBT.

“But I had a multivitamin about 40 minutes ago and i can already feel it kicking in.”

Marc Fisher-Grant has had a Swisse Men’s multivitamin, which is packed with vitamin D, magnesium and zinc.

“Wow, these pills really pack a punch,” he says. “Maybe I should’ve just started with a half?”

Either way, the 31 year old says he’s now ready for a good night’s sleep and for work tomorrow.

And he hasn’t completely ruled out popping another multivitamin tomorrow.

“We’ll see, I don’t want to overdo it,” he says.