PLAY ON PLAYA: It’s already been five years since Harry Stevens went to Burning Man, but he says he’s still feeling the effects.

“It was a life changing experience,” he says. “I’ve become a part of Burning Man, and Burning Man has become a part of me.”

The 31 year old’s social media profiles appear as a tribute to his time at the wild 9-day arts event in the Nevada desert.

He remains fully kitted out in his Burning Man costume, even as DBT caught up with him at his Bondi apartment.

Burning Man didn’t happen this year, or last, but Harry Stevens has his sights set on next year.

“Until then, I’ll just be hanging out around Bondi wearing my goggles and top hat,” he says.

“I’ve also started doing some casual fire twirling every Friday night outside the Bondi Pavilion if anyone wants to join.”