Misleading & deceptive: Bondi Junction man claiming to live in ‘Bondi’

IMPOSTER: It’s the one question Jye Coulman always loves being asked: “Where do you live?”

His answer always comes quickly and enthusiastically: “I live in Bondi.”

But an investigation by DBT has revealed the 29 year old actually lives more than 3 kilometres away from Bondi.

His apartment in Ebley street lies deep within Bondi Junction’s borders – a 2 minute walk to the Westfield centre – but a 30 minute walk from Bondi Beach.

“Oh whatever, ‘Bondi’ & ‘Bondi Junction’ are basically the same things,” claims Coulman. “The ‘Junction’ part is nether here nor there.”

“Besides, I’m always at Bondi Beach on the weekends. Come down to Icebergs or Bondi Hardware, I’m never far from there.”

But does he feel guilty for lying about where he lives?

“No, not at all. I grew up in Penrith. Anything east of Marrickville is a huge result for me.”