Bondi Influencer Finally Agrees To Stay At Home, After Her Botox Wears Off Completely

A Sydney influencer says the latest lockdown is now beginning to take a big toll on her lifestyle, as her latest round of cosmetic injections finally wears off completely.

“My face is looking pretty dire,” says Bondi’s Elle Bracken. “I had fillers about 5 weeks ago, but with all the cosmetic clinics closed, I’m now a full week overdue for a top up.”

The 35 year old says she’s been socialising and dating as normal during lockdown so far, but now she’s finally agreed to the state government strict stay at home orders.

“Don’t worry, there’s no way I’m going anywhere looking like this,” she says. “I’m now under strict lockdown. I’m also going to stop posting photos of myself on social media.”

“This whole covid thing is starting to have a massive impact on my well-being.”