Seven Network announce Ben Roberts-Smith as a contestant on the next season of SAS Australia

BACK ON THE FRONT LINE: The Seven Network continues to stand by its controversial Queensland managing director Ben Roberts-Smith.

The decorated war criminal has this evening been announced as a contestant on season two of Seven’s reality TV show SAS Australia.

“It’ll be great to have an actual former special forces soldier on SAS Australia,” says Seven West Chairman Kerry Stokes.

It comes as the Federal Court today found that Ben Roberts-Smith was a war criminal and murderer, involved in unlawful killing and assault of unarmed Afghan prisoners.

“We initially had Ben as an instructor on the show,” says Mr Stokes. “But given all the legal problems, we decided to play it safe and just make him a contestant instead.”

For his part, Ben Roberts-Smith says he’s eager for the challenge.

“I’m used to high-pressure situations, so reality TV will be a walk in the park,” he says. “I will be the last man standing.”

And, the show reportedly has some new physical challenges, including skulling beer out of a dead man’s prosthetic limb, and burying incriminating photos in a backyard.

SAS Australia is currently filming in a secret location and is expected to air later this year.