Bondi woman in Ibiza complaining about how many Bondi people are there right now

EURO TRASH: A Sydney woman says her holiday to the Spanish party Island Ibiza is being overrun by ‘absolute blow-ins’ from Bondi.

“I’m so sick of all these muppets,” says Marcia La Rosa.

“They think they’re cool coming to Ibiza, but they are literally just sheep all following each other.”

Marcia La Rosa says she travelled to Ibiza to ‘unwind,’ and for a short break from Bondi’s pretentious scene.

“But now I’m completely surrounded by it,” she says.

“I bumped into my yoga instructor, my barista, and my annoying ex-boyfriend, all within two hours of landing.”

“It feels like I’m hanging out on Campbell Parade.”

The 28 year old public relations executive says she’s now considering leaving Ibiza to finish her holiday in Mykonos.

More to come.