Anti-vaxx Influencer Finally Succumbs To The Jab After Realising It’s A Good Excuse For A Selfie

CHANGE OF HEART: A Melbourne woman’s stance on vaccinations is determined completely by how much attention it can get her, it’s been revealed.

“I used to preach the whole anti-vaxx thing when it was more popular a few years ago, especially when I was up in Byron,” says Ruby Marsh.

“But now I support vaccinations after realising how many likes vaccine selfies can get on Instagram.”

Ms Marsh finally took the plunge and got her second jab yesterday, but not because she’s concerns about covid.

“No it was just an unmissable opportunity to post a ‘fully vaccinated’ selfie,” she admitted to DBT. “I’m really glad I went through with it.

After 24 hours, her vaccine selfie has garnered 154 likes on Instagram and 51 likes on Facebook.

“Not a bad day’s work, hahah,” she said. “I urge everyone to get vaccinated as quickly as possible. We’re all in this together.”