Abbie Chatfield Admits To Intentionally Swimming In Dangerous Rips, Just To Get On ‘Bondi Rescue’

CAREER RESCUE: Controversial reality TV star Abbie Chatfield has come clean on her high-risk strategy to ensure she continues to appear on Australian television.

“I’ve been swimming into heavy surf and dangerous rips at North Bondi when the Bondi Rescue team are there filming,” she says.

“Then I just yell ‘help,’ raise my hand and hope they come out to get me with their cameras rolling.”

It’s understood lifeguards from the ‘Bondi Rescue’ TV show have had to save Ms Chatfield on two seperate occasions so far this summer.

“It’s worth the risk,” says the 26 year old. “They film everything and they also interview you afterwards. It’s great exposure.”

She told DBT she expects to find out soon if any of her rescues will actually make it to air.

“TV is a tough business,” she says. “You need to take every opportunity that comes your way. Who knows what this might lead to? Maybe a season on Survivor or something.”