Sydney Man Calls The SES After Forgetting To Take His Umbrella On A Walk In Hyde Park

DISASTER RELIEF: A Darlinghurst man is calling for urgent help from the State Emergency Service (SES) as rain continues to batter the state.

Tom Hooper went for a walk through Hyde Park in Sydney’s CBD this afternoon, but was caught completely unprepared without an umbrella.

“Quick, someone bring me a brolly and a rain jacket quickly,” he told the SES. “Either that, or send a helicopter immediately to winch me to safety.”

The SES call centre operator urged Mr Hooper to try to remain calm.

However she was also quick to remind him that almost all the state’s SES volunteers are currently deployed in the Northern Rivers, where the flood crisis continues.

“I don’t care, this is an emergency,” Tim Hopper fired back on the phone.

“Proper shelter is more than 100m away, my clothes are starting to get wet apparently there is more rain forecast.”

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