Man parking at Indigo Cafe excited to get pole position so everyone knows what car he drives

SHOW PONY: A Penrith man visiting the eastern suburbs for coffee this morning has had a stroke of luck while parking his car in Double Bay.

Sam Sherman was fortunate enough to jag pole position for his expensive sports car outside the popular Indigo Cafe.

“It was meant to be,” he says. “As I reversed parked, I loudly revved my engine unnecessarily a few times just to make sure everyone was looking at me. It was huge.”

Almost every patron at the busy cafe was still looking at Sam Sherman as he got out of his car and walked over to a table.

“How good is Double Bay,” he told DBT. “Even though I live in Penrith, I actually feel like I really fit in here. It was definitely worth the 1.5 hour drive here.”

Onlookers say the 37 year old entrepreneur returned to his car several times during the 45 minutes he was at the iconic cafe.

“I saw him to pretend to check that nobody had scratched his car,” says one man. “But you could tell he was just making sure everyone still knew the car was his.”

After leaving Indigo, Sam Sherman plans to do a few laps of Double Bay in his car before returning home to Penrith in time for dinner at home where he lives with his parents.