Woman ‘likes’ photo of friends out to dinner, purely to drive home the point that she wasn’t invited

PASSIVE AGGRESSIVE: Scandal and controversy has ripped through a small group of close friends in Sydney’s east.

While scrolling Instagram this morning, Amber Ripoli saw a photo of her three best friends out for dinner.

“It hurt a lot,” she told DBT. “I immediately rang my sister to vent about it.”

After 4 hours of critical analysis and role plays, Amber Ripoli decided to like the photo.

“It was a bold and strategic move, but once I liked it, I felt so much better,” she says.

But Ms Ripoli’s strategic ‘like’ has sparked debate amongst digital sociologists.

Some applaud her boldness, but others argue it could send mixed signals, indicating that maybe she was fine with the situation.

At press time, Amber Ripoli told DBT she’s received several messages from her friends, ranging from guilt-laden apologies to hasty invitations for future outings.

This is a developing news story. We’ll bring you more updates as they come to hand.