Woman In Mask & Gloves At Coles, Oblivious To Checkout Operator Touching All Her Groceries

A Sydney woman who went shopping at Coles in a face mask and disposable gloves appeared completely happy for a checkout operator to handle all her groceries.

A DBT reporter witnessed the extraordinary contradiction and interviewed the shopper immediately outside the store.

“Oh yeah, I guess the checkout operator’s germs are now all over my groceries,” Kerry Toker told a DBT reporter. “Damn, I totally didn’t even think of that.”

It’s understood Ms Toker was careful to maintain strict social distancing throughout her supermarket visit, and carried hand sanitiser with her.

But virus experts say all her efforts went out the window as soon as she got to the checkout.

“There is no point being decked out in the all the latest COVID-19 prevention gear if you’re going to let people touch all your stuff,” says epidemiologist Joel Schuster.

“We’ve also heard reports of people being afraid to touch a door handle, but willingly eat pizza prepared by gloveless teenagers.”

Joel Schuster suggested that Kerry Toker should wipe down all her groceries the moment she gets home, but Ms Toker told DBT that she couldn’t be fucked.

More to come.