Western Sydney Warning: Wearing Adidas Tracksuits Does Not Count As Doing Essential Exercise

The NSW Premier has issued a stern warning to residents of Western Sydney, as the city’s Covid outbreak grows.

“Leaving home in an Adidas tracksuit without any plans to do any actual exercise is a breach of public health orders,” says Gladys Berejiklian.

“You may look sporty, but you’re not fooling anyone.”

Police say they’re overwhelmed by Western Sydney residents pretending to be exercising in Adidas gear to avoid fines relating to social distancing rules.

“Most of these people are just out shopping, socialising or engaging in other non-essential activities,” says NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller.

“We’re also seeing plenty of people wearing Lonsdale and Fila tracksuits also. It’s unacceptable behaviour.”

So far police say they’ve issued 13 $1000 fines to people wearing sporty tracksuits while doing no exercise.

“Police will catch up with you eventually, especially if you’re also wearing a bumbag,” says Mick Fuller.