Wentworth Courier newspaper now being delivered directly to recycling bins

One of Australia’s most useless local newspapers has announced that from next week it will be delivered directly to recycling bins around Sydney’s east.

“Our own research shows very few people actually pick up the Wentworth Courier,” concedes the paper’s publisher, Lyn Wightwick.

“Except maybe a few retirees have a read while they’re on the toilet.”

Once a powerhouse of real estate advertising, the plastic-wrapped News Corp owned local paper has been battling a tough media climate.

The paper has lost its real estate ad revenue to websites that make searching for a suitable home much easier than flipping through an actual newspaper.

“So for the sake of the environment, we want to make sure all copies of the Wentworth Courier get recycled,” says Lyn Wightwick.

“It’s just more efficient this way.”

News Corp recently moved many of its local titles to digital-only formats, with the Wentworth Courier one of only three papers to continue producing print editions.

Real estate agents say delivering those papers directly to recycling bins is not a huge loss to their industry.

“I mainly just promote myself on social media,” says one Bondi agent.

“I’m a public figure on Instagram, so I couldn’t care less about the Wentworth Courier to be honest.”