Wearing Activewear Can Save Up to 13 Seconds Off Supermarket Visits: Report

HIGH PERFORMANCE SHOPPING: Busy mum Alana Lorenz has recently begun doing her grocery shopping in lycra leggings and a singlet crop top.

“It really helps save time,” she says. “My speed in and around the supermarket aisles has improved dramatically.”

“Plus, for some reason, people seem more likely to let me jump ahead of them in the check out queue.”

Her experience is backed up by new research showing that wearing activewear can reduce supermarket visits by up to 13 seconds.

“Our research shows shoppers in activewear are considerably more aerodynamic,” says Jason Bresic from the Institute of Human Movement.

“We also found they’re less susceptible to injury.”

The researchers timed 100 grocery shoppers wearing activewear to see how long it took them to purchase 18 grocery items from Woolworths Double Bay.

“We then timed how long it took the same 100 shoppers to buy the same 18 items, but this time they wore regular clothing,” says Jason Bresic.

“On average, most shoppers in activewear saved around 6-7 seconds. But some shoppers were up to 13 seconds faster.”