Vaucluse Mum Hijacks Son’s First Day Of School Photo To Flaunt Her Freshly Botoxed Face

As the school year gets underway for many students in NSW today, some parents are dropping their children at school for the very first time.

It’s typically an emotional experience, and one Sydney mum is making the most of it.

39 year old Nicki Webb is accused of using her young son’s first day of school to post a photo of her freshly botoxed face.

“She doesn’t care about the first day of school, or her son,” one of her facebook friends told DBT anonymously. “That photo is literally all about showing off her forehead.”

It’s understood Nicki Webb visited the cosmetic clinic early this morning.

“She always posts these kinds of photos immediately after getting botox injections,” says the source.

Witnesses outside the school say Ms Webb spent at least 10 minutes trying to get the perfect photo from several angles, forcing her son to arrive late to his very first class.

“The son looked confused about why it was taking so long,” said the witness. “I feel sorry him, he’s clearly being used as a pawn in her sick plot.”

Our reporters contacted Nicki Webb for an interview, but she didn’t return our calls.