Discount retailer Target releases ‘Sydney Real Estate Agent’ costume set for Halloween

FRIGHT NIGHT: Have you ever dreamed of working as a Sydney real estate agent?

Now you can at least dress like one after discount retailer Target released its Sydney real estate agent costume kit, just in time for Halloween.

“So far demand for the kit has been high,” says Target’s head of product, Jane Marks.

“In a city obsessed with property, it’s no surprise that so many people want to dress up like a real estate agent.” We’ve even had a few actual real estate agents buy it.”

For $120, shoppers around NSW can purchase a BMW umbrella, an ill-fitting suit, some fake designer sunnies, and a pair of white elevator sneakers.

“The kit also includes a bag of white powder, but for legal reasons it only contains Johnson’s Baby Powder,” says Jane Marks.

Halloween falls on October 31.