Sydney Offices Brace For Spike In Small Talk As It’s Both ‘Cold Out There Today’ & ‘Likely Sunny Tomorrow’

QUALITY BANTER: Fast changing weather conditions have triggered a wave of generic weather related conversations across Sydney workplaces.

Office banter surged this afternoon as a cold front swept over the city.

But it’s set to spike tomorrow morning as the weather is expected to improve dramatically.

“Apparently it’s going to be raining a lot over summer again,” said one worker this afternoon.

“Yeah I heard La Nina is coming back,” replied another.

Productivity experts are urging people to avoid weather related conversations.

“They are unnecessary and boring,” says expert Lyle French. “Everyone knows what the weather is, all you need to do is look outside.”

“If you pass someone in the corridor, just say hello, or just nod your head, and leave it at that.”