A local introvert is calling on the NSW Premier to implement a conservative approach in re-opening NSW.

“I’d be keen to stay in isolation to be honest,” says Peter Kremer. “The lack of social activity over the past few months has been excellent for my mental health.”

But with restrictions beginning to ease, the 29 year old has begun feeling increasingly anxious.

“The changes that came into effect today mean I could easily find myself at a picnic of up to five people,” he says.

“But I’ve completely forgotten how to socialise. Imagine if someone tried to shake my hand or kiss me or something. It would be very awkward.”

The data analytics specialist told DBT he’s going to have to start to think of new excuses to avoid social activity.

“I might have to fake an injury or something,” he says. “I’m actually secretly hoping we go back into a hard lockdown.”

More to come.