Sydney Couple Hold Wedding In Park, Wearing Gym Clothes So They Can Have 10 Guests

A Sydney couple have found a loophole in the Prime Minister’s extension of social restrictions, aimed at stopping the spread of COVID-19.

Last night Scott Morrison announced a maximum of 5 guests at all weddings, but he’s allowing gatherings of up to 10 people for boot camps.

“So we thought, let’s get married boot camp style,” says groom Josh Thames, who invited 7 guests and a celebrant to today’s wedding, to allow for a total of 10.

“We’re all wearing work out clothes, and we’re in a park, so it’s hard to see how we are breaking the rules,” says new bride Rachel Thames (nee Rogers).

With floral arrangements and a wedding cake on hand at their Rushcutters Bay park wedding, the couple say their special day went perfectly.

“I actually don’t mind wearing lycra to my wedding,” says Rachel Thames (nee Rogers). “It’s probably more flattering than a wedding dress.”

The reception tonight is being held at the Bondi Beach outdoor gym.

More to come.