The four big banks say they noticed an unprecedented amount of $300 cash withdrawals from Sydney ATM’s last night.

“There was a flurry of withdrawals around 9.45pm, just as the State of Origin decider finished,” says the Commonwealth Bank’s Jane Hilder. “More than 85% of the withdrawals were for exactly $300.”

The Australian Bankers Association says many of the withdrawals were highly concentrated at ATM machines in and around Sydney’s eastern suburbs.

“We also saw big queues at ATM’s in the immediate vicinity around ANZ stadium at Olympic Park,” says Westpac’s Ivan Mercado.

The NSW State of Origin team last night produced an unforgettable last-gasp stunner to steal Game 3 and the entire 2019 series in the most dramatic of circumstances.

“It certainly left NSW fans feelings excited,” says Ivan Mercado.

It coincides with an influx number of cocaine related arrests last night, but NSW Police say its cautious about drawing any links between the two trends.

More to come.


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