Striking NSW Teachers Awarded A 20% Pay Rise After John Barilaro Gets New Job As A Teacher

CAREER PIVOT: It’s the big break striking NSW teachers desperately need.

From next week, all teaching staff in the state will receive a 20% pay rise – much bigger than requested – and they’ll also have significantly lower work loads.

The announcement comes after former NSW deputy premier John Barilaro was given a new job as a legal studies teacher at Double Bay public school.

The NSW Premier denies the two developments are connected.

“The teacher’s pay rise and John Barilaro’s new appointment happened completely independently of each other,” says Dominic Perrottet.

“Both issues have been given full due process, but that being said, I haven’t been personally involved in either of them.”

It comes after John Barilaro was controversially appointed to a $500,000 a year US trade posting.

“I’ve decided to step down from that role to focus on my new teaching career,” says Barilaro.