South Africans Dominating Double Bay Street Festival After Springbok Victory

The Double Bay Street Festival is being heavily dominated by South African born locals, after the Springbok’s resounding World Cup Victory last night.

“There’s many people from St Ives here today,” says Springbok fan Lyle Wasner. “It’s a great day for all South African Sydney-siders to come together and celebrate.

Of the 80,000 people attending today’s festival, it’s estimated a whopping 42% are born in South Africa.

Our reporters at the event say shouts of ‘howzit China’ could be heard everywhere.

“South Africa is easily the best country in the world,” says Lyle Wasner. “It’s such a shame we all had to leave to come and live in this shit hole.”

The Springboks took home the Webb Ellis Cup last night after beating England 32 – 12.

“We played so well in attack,” says Wasner, despite only ever playing soccer. “England are absolute garbage. And dont even get me started on the Wallabies.”

More to come.