Social media influencers now outnumber regular social media users: Report

SATURATION POINT: A new report has delivered a dire outlook for the future of social media influencers.

“Of the 2 billion active Instagram and Tik Tok users, 1.1 billion of them now list their primary occupation as ‘influencer,'” says Brae Rule from global research firm Nielson.

“This is a big concern for the state of the industry, as there’s very few people left to influence.”

“We’re also seeing chronic staff shortages across a range of other industries, as everyone is just staying home trying to be influencers.”

The report shows that social media has become a cesspool of random battlers who’ve decided they have what it takes to sway people’s opinions on products & services.

“The term ‘influencer’ has become quite loose unfortunately, because most of them have purchased fake followers,” says Brae Rule.

“I’m also an influencer” one woman told DBT.

“I only have 387 followers but I just tag my posts as ‘paid partnerships,’ even though I’ve never actually received a cent for any of them.”