SOCIAL DISTANCING: Picnic Goers Use ‘5 Person Rule’ To Exclude 6th Friend They Find Annoying

CUNNING PLAN: A Sydney woman has found herself feeling lonely and isolated after being rejected by five of her closest friends during lockdown today.

“They told me I couldn’t join them for a picnic at Rushcutters Bay park because of the social distancing rules limiting groups to five,” Diane Frederick told DBT.

“I get it, but to be honest, I thought maybe they just didn’t want me there.”

To distract herself from the overwhelming sense of rejection, Ms Frederick went for a walk at Rushcutters Bay, to hopefully spot her friends and spy on them from a distance.

“When I got there I saw all five of them with another two of our friends!” says a distraught Ms Frederick. “They were sitting there in a group of seven!”

“At first I thought the two extras might have just bumped into the rest there, but I watched them for 20 minutes and they stayed chilling at the picnic the entire time.”

Ms Frederick told DBT she then ran home in tears.

We attempted to contact her two friends for an explanation, but they refused to comment.

More to come.