‘Returning to the office is crucial for collaboration,’ says boss who still works from home

TOUCHY TOPIC: A Sydney employer is being accused of having ‘double standards’ over his company’s remote working policy.

Luke Fenning has announced that returning to the office is now mandatory for all his 37 staff as the pandemic eases.

“Company culture is at stake,” he says. “Getting to know our colleagues face to face and forming connections with them is critical.”

However the 51 year old insurance company boss says he still has some “personal stuff” to attend to before he graces the office with his presence.

“It’s just a really busy time for me at the moment,” he told staff on a Zoom call without giving any specifics.

“I can’t make it in for the next few weeks, but I’ll be there soon.”

It’s understood staff were initially concerned their boss may be going through a difficult time at home.

However a photo taken by DBT shows him happily relaxing while drinking a beer on his couch at home.

“We all need to do at least 3 days in the office,” says boss who