The NSW Police Commissioner says the Service NSW app is the perfect place to house a sex consent form.

“The app has already been instrumental in Covid-19 contact tracing,” says Mick Fuller. “We can also now use it to help reduce sex assaults.”

Under his proposal, parties will be asked to use QR code technology to ‘check in’ with each other.

The app will then prompt them to respond ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to a question asking for their consent.

“Once both parties click ‘yes’ they will be sent an email confirming they have officially identified themselves as willing sexual participants,” says Fuller.

“Only then, are they allowed to start any kind of foreplay or intercourse.”

“If either party clicks ‘no,’ then a team of police will attend the location to ensure the safety and security of both parties.”

The Police Commissioner says all data will be automatically sent to Service NSW for easy access later if any subsequent legal proceedings arise.

“All the required technology already exists,” he says. “Everyone already has the app on their phones.”

“We could also potentially include an Uber style ratings system, where participants could review each others’ sexual performance.”

The Premier says she’ll formally respond to the Commissioner’s proposal tomorrow.