PM Launches Helpline For People Who Share Their Wordle Results On Social Media

INTERVENTION: The popular online puzzle game Wordle is capturing the attention of Australia’s Prime Minister.

Scott Morrison is today expressing ‘grave concern’ for people who share their Wordle results to social media.

“I have no problem with those who play the game, I often play it myself. But sharing results to social media is a sign of deep insecurity,” he says.

“That’s why the federal government has set up a new 24 hour helpline.”

The Wordle hotline is staffed by qualified counsellors, working around the clock from a large call centre in Sydney’s north west.

“It’s a free call to the helpline, and callers can remain anonymous if they wish,” says the PM.

“Our counsellors will do all they can to help callers realise that nobody cares about their vocabulary or spelling skills.”

But some Wordle fans told DBT they have no interest in getting help.

“I also often also share maps of runs I’ve been on,” says Stan Gibbons (pictured).

“It’s a great way to connect with other like-minded attention seekers and possibly even make new friends.”

Anyone who posts their Wordle results to social media is urged to call the hotline immediately on 1300 777 989.