Personal Trainer Now Holding Sessions In Coles To Allow For Groups Larger Than Two

EXERCISE YOUR RIGHTS: Personal trainers say they’ve been devastated by new public health orders in Greater Sydney restricting exercise to groups of two.

But one local trainer has found a loop hole.

Jeremy Leonard has begun holding sessions within Bondi Junction Coles, where there are no limits of on public gatherings.

“I had three clients this afternoon not including myself,” he says. “Covid is tough for everyone, but we all need to find ways to make it work. Adapt or die.”

“The only downside is the face masks, but it’s worth it.”

Coles management told DBT they don’t support the group sessions occurring within the store, but currently have no rules preventing them.

“We’ve never had this particular scenario come up,” says Coles. “But we are currently in talks with our legal team to determine our right to remove the groups.”

Either way, Jeremy Leonard says his group of four will be back again tomorrow in store at 7.30am sharp.

“It’s difficult working out near the confectionary aisle at times, but we’re trying to stay disciplined,” he says.