NSW Premier Announces Staged Rollout Of Haircuts To Begin With Those Aged 16 – 40

The NSW Premier has announced the first stage of the state’s staged rollout of professional hair cuts will begin next Monday.

“Those aged 16 – 40 years old will be the first age group eligible for hair cuts,” says Gladys Berejiklian.

“Our research shows impressionable younger people are most at risk from bad, unkept hair.”

The Premier says the haircut rollout program hinges on a “staged opening” of hair salons.

“We need to strike the right risk balance to ensure there are enough hairdressers and barbers to meet demand, without allowing too many salons to re-open,” she says.

New data shows NSW’s haircut roll out program significantly lags the rest of the world, with 0% of NSW residents getting the snip since lockdown began 10 weeks ago.

“You may not get your preferred hairdresser, but if you’re eligible please get the snip as soon as possible. This is now a race.”