‘No Jab For Me,’ Says Anti-vaxxer Who Often Injects Himself With Steroids Purchased Off The Dark Web

A Sydney man is holding firm on his pledge to not to get vaccinated, despite injecting himself up to twice a week with steroids bought from a Ukrainian seller on the dark web.

“Don’t join all the other sheep by getting vaccinated,” says Mark Ticehurst. “Those vaccines are lethal because we have no idea what’s in them.”

The 31 year old brick shit house says injecting himself with steroids at home is all he needs to stay strong and covid free.

“Plus I need to bulk up in time for the next anti-lockdown protest,” he says. “I’m dying to put a police officer in a headlock. It’s always been a boyhood dream.”

UPDATE: Mark Ticehurst has been admitted to hospital with Coronavirus.

More to come.