New 5km Rule Gives Bondi Man Perfect Excuse To Avoid Meeting A Friend In Glebe

BONDI BUBBLE: A Bondi man is having a guilt-free Sunday despite cancelling a planned walk with a friend today in Glebe.

Max Gilder texted his friend this morning saying he won’t be able to join him because of the new 5km rule.

“Sorry bud, but your place is 9.1km’s away,” he wrote in the SMS. “But let’s hopefully go for a walk soon once things open up a bit.”

However Max Gilder has admitted to DBT that he’s relieved about not having to leave Bondi.

“Glebe is basically the western suburbs,” he told DBT. “I literally couldn’t be bothered.”

The planned walk this morning comes after Max Gilder’s Glebe friend came for a walk with him in Bondi last week.

“I was meant to be returning the favor and walking with him in Glebe today, but instead I’m just going to do the Margarita Bar Crawl in Bondi!”

“How good is new the 5k rule! hahah.”