SECOND SCREEN: Global streaming giant Netflix has introduced a new category for viewers who often look at their phones while watching TV.

“This is a fast growing audience segment,” says Netflix programming boss Felix Schuster.

“Most viewers have the TV on in the background while focusing most of their attention on their phones.”

The ‘Easy To Follow While On Your Phone The Whole Time’ category includes lots of “non-committal” viewing options like baking shows, reality TV and even Home & Away.

“You don’t actually need to know what’s happening in these shows to continue watching them,” says Felix Schuster.

“You can easily continue scrolling Instagram and continue casually watching the TV show.”

Netflix says the new category will help it compete against podcasts which also allow people to multi-task while consuming the content.

“Gone are the days where people actually sit down and watch a show properly,” says Schuster. “People need multiple screens happening before they can relax.