HEAR ME RAW: One day after five lions escaped their enclosure at Taronga Zoo in Mosman, a local woman has decided to wear activewear at all times.

“I need to be quick off the mark and as aerodynamic as possible to give me the best chance of running to safety,” says Eve White.

Mosman council says it’s encouraging others to do the same, after recent research found wearing activewear can increase running speeds by up to 1.3 seconds over 100 metres.

Ms White says she’s waiting on a Taronga Zoo report on exactly how the lions escaped before she’ll consider returning to wearing normal clothes.

“I’m not taking any chances,” the mother of two told DBT while grabbing her morning coffee today from a Mosman cafe.

“If in a few days it still seems unsafe, I’ve told my family we’ll be permanently relocating to our holiday house at Palm Beach.”