Millennial Gets Blood Clot While Researching If She Should Risk Getting The AstraZeneca Vaccine

A Sydney millennial is being treated in hospital after getting a blood clot while trying to work out if she should risk getting the AstraZeneca vaccine.

“My brain hurts,” Rose Gordon told DBT from her hospital bed. “Researching it was so confusing.”

“I could feel the clot kick in after three hours accessing various conflicting and confusing medial advice on the internet.”

It comes after the PM’s snap announcement on Monday night to open AstraZeneca to people under 40 years old.

But the country’s peak medical body says the decision goes against expert health advice.

“Some people are saying young people should wait to get the Pfizer vaccine,” says Rose Gordon.

“But a lot of other people say the risk of harm from the AstraZeneca vaccine is lower than getting struck by lightening.”

Ms Gordon says she remains undecided on whether she’ll pursue researching the AstraZeneca vaccine once she’s released from hospital.

Doctors say Ms Gordon is in a serious but stable condition.