Man Wearing Mask At Supermarket As Precaution Against Being Noticed By Anyone He Knows

Weeks after the NSW state government dropped all mandatory face mask requirements, one man continues to wear his mask at his local supermarket.

And, Marc Danbury has admitted to DBT that it has nothing to do with Covid-19.

“It’s just a great way to avoiding people I know at Coles Bondi Junction” he says. “I reckon it saves me least 20 minutes of small talk every time I go grocery shopping.”

He says he often sees acquaintances who don’t recognise him behind his mask.

“Last week I saw one bloke I know in the fruit and veg section, and then I saw him again 5 minutes later in aisle 7, but I managed to go under the radar both times.”

“Sometimes I also wear a cap just to make sure of it.”

The 31 year old says he’d like the state government to bring back mandatory face mask use for supermarkets.

“I find it very convenient, especially when I have bad acne.”