Man Proposing ‘Amalfi Beach Club’ At Bondi Gets Rejected By Doorman At Ravesis

The man behind a controversial push to set up an Italian-style beach club on Bondi Beach has been dramatically denied entry into Ravesis.

Janek Gazecki was turned away from the Campbell Parade hotel just after midday today, as he tried to enter the venue for lunch.

“I’m sorry sir, we are full,” said the doorman, to which Gazecki replied: “Don’t you know who I am?”

When the doorman said “no,” Gazecki swiftly replied: “I don’t care, this place is shit anyway, I prefer venues with a more traditional Italian coastal vibe.”

A group of onlookers also attempting to enter Ravesis began laughing as Janek Gazecki stormed off shouting.

“Fuck all of you plebs. There is absolutely no way I’m letting you into Amalfi Beach Club when I get it up and running. Ravesis is for peasants.”

More to come.