LOST LUGGAGE: Qantas Now Urging Passengers To “Just Take Any Bag Off The Carousel”

LUCKY DIP: Staff shortages and the school holiday rush are leading to a sharp increase in lost luggage at airports around the country, but Qantas says it has a solution.

“We’re asking travellers to just take any bag off the carousel,” says CEO Alan Joyce. “At least they won’t come away empty handed.”

Under the new rules, passengers are limited to collecting one bag per person.

“We realise it’s not a perfect solution,” says Mr Joyce. “But if passengers aren’t fussy about which bag they collect, the amount of lost baggage will be greatly reduced.”

Passengers who spoke to DBT say they’re quite happy with the changes.

“The ability to just grab any bag is dramatically reducing wait times,” says one man.

“And I ended up picking out a great bag. The clothes are a bit small but I found about 5kgs of cocaine sewn into the suitcase’s lining.”