FREEDOM YAY: A Sydney woman has found a new way to profit from unprecedented demand for Sydney restaurant reservations.

Two weeks ago Brit Bailey booked a 4 person table for Freedom Day at the popular Potts Point restaurant Franca Brasserie.

This evening she sold it on Facebook marketplace for $1050, not including any food or drinks.

“I never intended on using the booking,” she says. “It was purely a profit play.”

“It’s hard to get into Franca at the best of times, so yes, I think it’s definitely worth it. And so do all the other people who were interested in buying the booking.”

Brit Bailey told DBT she’s spending Freedom Day with friends at the China Doll restaurant in Woolloomooloo.

“It’s going to be a large day,” she admitted. “And I’ve got an extra 1k to play with!”

“I told the buyer of the Franca reservation to go there at 1pm and just say your booking is under ‘Brit.'”

The buyer remains anonymous.

More to come.