Link Found Between Being A Covid Skeptic & Smoking Ice While Still Living At Home With Parents

A landmark new study is providing a deeper understanding of people who think Covid-19 is a hoax.

Researchers at Sydney University found 67% of Covid deniers are regular users of the highly addictive drug Methamphetamine.

And 48% of them still live at home with their parents, despite being mature age adults.

“Covid deniers are unfortunately a growing section of the population,” says lead researcher Stuart Dass. “They are dangerous too as they are putting lives at risk.”

The research also found that Covid skeptics are likely to regularly watch Sky News and spend hours per day leaving dumb comments on stories about Coronavirus.

“These people are under the impression that the entire ‘media’ is somehow complicit in the whole pandemic,” says Stuart Dass.

“And they also think the federal government is happy to throw away billion of dollars and damage the economy to ‘make the virus seem real.’

Responding to the research, the Prime Minister says he’s considering setting up a special ‘help line’ for covid skeptics.

“These people need our help urgently,” says Scott Morrison.