Introverts Launch Petition Calling For Permanent Ban On Kiss, Hug & Handshake Greetings

SOCIAL DILEMMA: A group of Sydney introverts have started an online petition calling for a permanent end to kiss, hug and handshake greetings.

“It’s actually nothing to do with Coronavirus,” says group manager Lyle Tookley. “We just think physical greetings are awkward and totally unnecessary.”

The ‘No Kiss No Shake’ petition has so far been signed by 400 introverts, since their campaign began on Wednesday.

“To be honest, concerns about how to appropriately greet people used to be enough to prevent me from going out at all,” says Lyle Tookley.

“I’ve really enjoyed having the Covid-19 crisis as an excuse not to kiss, hug or shake anyone’s hand.”

The group is calling on the federal government to announce that all physical greetings be replaced by an optional wave.

“I’m sick and tired of strange men trying to kiss and hug me,” says another member of the group. “It’s 2021, lets just put an end to all that bullshit now.”

To sign the petition, go to