Instagram now allowing users to mute all content relating to Harry & Meghan

GIVE US A BREAK: Social media platform Instagram has responded to growing demand from users to introduce a mute option for any content relating to Harry and Meghan.

“Our AI software can easily identify any photos videos or text about the Sussexes, so you don’t have to see any of it if you don’t want to,” says a statement from Instagram.

The new feature comes despite mainstream media continuing to treat Harry and Meghan as front page news, even though nobody cares about them.

“I don’t have anything against them, but I just literally don’t give a flying fuck about them,” one man told DBT. “Instagram should’ve introduced this mute option years ago.”

Users looking to use the mute option can visit: settings > Harry & Meghan > mute.

Meghan Markle reached out to DBT offering her response to the new feature, but we are yet to return her calls.