“I’m marrying Rupert for his sexy body and good looks,” reports Murdoch press

LEAD STORY: News Corp media outlets around the world are today reporting that it was Rupert Murdoch’s ‘sexy’ body and good looks which lured his fifth wife-to-be.

The Australian newspaper quotes Murdoch’s new fiancee Ann Lesley Smith, 66, saying: “I never thought I’d marry a 92 year old, but when I saw his rig, I couldn’t resist.”

“Rupert is such a good looking and compassionate young man.”

Another newspaper within the News Corp stable, The Daily Telegraph, is reporting that Ms Lesley Smith “has no idea” that Rupert Murdoch is a billionaire.

“I’ve no idea what he does for work,” she is quoted as saying.

“A few weeks ago he just came up to me on the beach with his shirt off and said ‘hi’, and from that moment I knew I had to be with him. He’s amazing in bed FYI.”

Meantime, an editorial in today’s Herald Sun says the media baron’s fourth wife Jerry Hall has been desperately pleading with him to take her back.

“For the last year or so she’s been lying in the foetal position on her bathroom floor,” claims the story. “She’s still madly in love with him.”