“I’m Dying For A Beer At The Pub Today,” Says Man Who’s Been Drunk At Home For The Last 4 Months

THIRSTY WORK: A Sydney man who’s spent 95% of lockdown drinking at home says he can’t wait to go to the pub today for a Freedom Day beer.

“That very first sip is going to taste so good,” says Mark Radcliffe.

The 33 year old alcoholic says it’ll be handy to have a genuine reason to start drinking “properly” again.

“I can’t believe how long we’ve been denied a drink at the pub!?” he says.

“Drinking at home alone or with friends on Zoom calls is fun and convenient, but it doesn’t really count.”

Mark Radcliffe plans to head to The Oaks Hotel at Neutral Bay as early as possible this morning.

“Being able to return to the pubs again is literally the only reason I got vaccinated,” he says.

“I haven’t got any actual plans to meet anyone there, but I’ll just go down and see who is around.”

More to come.